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Customer Report

Hi ,i purchased 2 units of the Apple iPhone 7 256GB,it was original and delivered to my house. im so happy. i'm Kim Ahn from Singapore

Hi guys, i am Wilson Genard from Miami, USA.. ELECTRONICS ALLIANCE LIMITED is great because I purchase Nikon D700 from them and delivery was exactly time they promise to deliver with out any additional payment, without any delay.. WELDON

Hello, am Liz Gihant from Toronto, Canada.. I bought my Apple IPhone 4S from ELECTRONICS ALLIANCE LIMITED and delivery time is exactly corrected no delay shipment, i am very happy to sent you my testimony. THANKS.

Good day, am A’shadieeyah Hamin, from Dubai, UAE.. My Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note was deliver successfully with out any delay, ELECTRONICS ALLIANCE LIMITED offers good service.

Hello,am kahama lim from Malaysia….i purhase 10 iPhone 5S from ELECTRONICS ALLIANCE LIMITED and it was brought directly to my address without any delay and excuse…i give you my word that ELECTRONICS ALLIANCE LIMITED offers good service

Assalamaleikum, my name is Hassan from Dubai, i really enjoyed ELECTRONICS ALLIANCE LIMITED service, i recommend this company to you


Hello am miss Gloria from Vancouver Canada,i bought an Apple iPhone 6Plus 5units and it was delivered to my address after i send money

Goodday i am Mr Victor from Kenya and i bought 2 Units of Nikon D90 with Lens and 1 Apple Macbook pro and it was delivered to me directly in Kenya after i send money to there account

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We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all sales. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please contact us within 30days of receipt of your item, or email us to share your concerns.As mentioned before we are extremely fair and will gladly work to find a solution with you.
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